My names Brittney, with an "E", not an "A". I love food, learning new things, books, pretty things, movies, traveling, the beach, my family, and most of all God. I'm originally from southern Alabama and currently live in the "River City" (Vicksburg, MS). Growing up in the South, I was taught manners, cooking, and football. A Southern Belle should know at least those three things. I'm not a big NFL fan, but when it comes to the SEC, I don't play around. My team is Auburn University. WAR EAGLE! At this point in my life I'm trying anything and everything, so I figured "Why not keep a blog about it?" I'm going to TRY to post at least one thing every day and go with a weekly theme.

Sunday - God's day (Scripture Sunday)
Monday - DIY (Make it Monday)
Tuesday - Food (Try it Tuesday)
Wednesday - Fashion (Wear it Wednesday)
Thursday - Random Reviews (What I Think Thursday)
Friday - Health (Feel Better Friday)
Saturday - Makeup (Stunning Saturday)

Warning: This blog has absolutely no point, category, direction, ect. I have no idea what I'm going to do on here or where it will go. I started this blog to share the things I've learned, help whoever I can, learn new things, and meet new people. I don't judge people, and don't appreciate judgemental thinking. NO drama here. ;) I'm still learning how to do all the awesomely cool blogging stuff, so this should be interesting haha.

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